The Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft Company (LSAC) is dedicated to manufacturing new production Luscombe aircraft, and to serving the existing fleet. The Team Luscombe division in Chandler, Arizona holds the Type Certificate (ATC-694) for all Luscombes ever made. Team Luscombe also holds FAA PMA for many new manufactured parts and can supply serviceable parts from an inventory built up over more than a decade of service, restoration, and parts sales. OEM new parts will also be available from the Luscombe Silvaire Company itself, manufactured using the original Luscombe factory tooling and techniques. We are the number one source for Luscombe parts.

Team Luscombe LLC is an affiliate of Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft. Based in Chandler, Arizona - a suburb of Phoenix - Team Luscombe has earned a reputation as the premier organization anywhere for quality restoration and rebuilding of Luscombe aircraft. The experience, knowledge, and expertise of the staff are unmatched. Team Luscombe has FAA-PMA for many of the hard-to-find parts for Luscombe aircraft, and maintains a large stock of new and serviceable parts. Dedicated to serving the existing and future fleet of Luscombe aircraft, Team Luscombe personnel are always available for technical advice and assistance. Visit the Team Luscombe website at
Restoration project: Model 11A
Restoration project: Model 11A

BEFORE: Received plane, in pieces, on flatbed trailers.

Model 11A sedan (4 seats)
Model 11A sedan (4 seats)

AFTER: Fully restored and better than new, inside and out.
2002 Winner-Oshkosh, WI.  EAA-AirVenture-BEST LUSCOMBE
2002 Winner-Oshkosh, WI

Proud winner Garrett Nevin stands next to his winning Luscombe restored by Chandler, AZ., Team Luscombe.
2003 WIN-ME plane - Built by Chandler, AZ. Team Luscombe
2003 WIN-ME plane
Built by Chandler, AZ. Team Luscombe

Proud winner, Daryl Lynch, stands with the Chandler team that built his plane. Right to Left: Stu Rhodes (retired shop foreman), Donna Warner (Manager), Garry Smith (painter/mechanic), Tim Hamilton (test pilot), Brandon Wills (I.A.), Don Warner (Manager).

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