The Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft Company of Riverside, California is building all-new production Luscombe 8 aircraft. A special Light Sport version is now available, and a standard certified version is coming soon.

We also service, repair, and restore all Luscombe aircraft of any vintage.

Both new versions use the original Luscombe 8 airframe, which has earned its reputation as the strongest, most durable and most efficient light plane design ever. In fact, the Silvaire has always set the standard for its class in every category, and its emphasis on quality, established early on, has been retained and improved on in the new versions.

Best-in-Class Performance
The new models offer more performance, comfort, and interior space than ever, and have even improved on the great flying qualities the Luscombe is famous for, qualities which led Plane and Pilot magazine to report that "At any speed, the new Luscombe maneuvers better than anything in its class." The new Light Sport Luscombe and the standard certified Silvaire are available for viewing and demonstration flights at Flabob Airport in Riverside, California. Come and see for yourself.

"At any speed, the Renaissance 8F maneuvers better than anything in its class!"

- Plane & Pilot Magazine

"Unlike some of the plastic bodied foreign models, the Luscombe feels like a real airplane and acts like one. Although required to have "Light Sport" painted on it, you'd never know it had any limitations..."

- Wayman Dunlap
Pacific Flyer

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